Top Ten Horrors That Turned Up Millions

Ten movies that scared up millions at the box office

Horror films

Top 10 thrillers

Once the calendar flips to October, fear seems to become big business, with movie ticket holders flocking to scary movies (which seem to be extending their reach well beyond the fall).

In fact, horror films have become a reliable go-to genre for Hollywood, although they are often overhyped and sometimes flop. Still, there has been a small group of scary movies that has found lasting cultural success and made a big splash at the box office. CNBC looked at available data from sources such as IMDB, Box Office Mojo and other outlets to compile a list of the 10 highest domestic-grossing horror films of all time.

Let’s check out the top 10 thrillers that has kept the fear”mongers” eyes glued to the big screens, and get you ready for tonight’s Creature Features to watch right now…


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