VIDEO: Haunted Toilet

(Watch) Haunted Toilet Has People Shi**ing Their Pants And Passing Out!

We’ve all heard of haunted houses, but is this a case of a haunted shi* house? Apparently so.

The students of Son Hoa Ethnic Boarding High School in the Son Hoa District claim to have had supernatural visitors in the bathroom at night, causing many of them lose consciousness. It all started with K Pa Ho Luon, a student of the school. He returned to his dorm one night  in November, from the toilet area, in a state of hysteria. He was talking gibberish, fell to the floor and began to scratch the walls and the floor. All this, just before he passed out. Luon was then rushed to the hospital by school authorities. When he recovered, he claimed to have met a ghost in the toilet.

So, do you think ‘haunted toilets’ are a joke? And there’s no way one could scare you? Then watch this. Warning: better get the tp ready first!

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