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This Isn’t “Based” On A True Story…This IS The True Story

Video credit: The Paranormal Files Official Channel via YouTube

“ZOZO’S FARMHOUSE: A Modern Day Amityville Horror” is a genuine paranormal documentary following the Paranormal Files team as they handle a case of possession, haunting and dangerous demonic activity in a farmhouse in rural South Dakota. Filmed over the course of a week in August 2015, the entire affair plays out like a real-life horror film, from meeting the family for the first time to Ouija boarding with demons and finally seeing Catholic Priests bless and exorcise their home. The footage captured is filled with so much intrigue, insane evidence captures and plot twists that the film plays out like a mix between a whodunit mystery and a frightening thriller, with a dose of humor for good measure. From the story itself to the evidence captured while investigating and all of the freaky details that surrounded it, the Shellum families case is sure to join the ranks of the Amityville, Perron and Enfield hauntings as another famous tale of supernatural assault.

“ZOZO’S FARMHOUSE: A Modern Day Amityville Horror” is the second episode of the new series, “THE PARANORMAL FILES”, a show which explores paranormal themes in a way unexplored by television crews before. Instead of focusing on specific places to investigate and single cases to handle, Colin and his Paranormal Files team place their focus on haunted locations, stories, unexplainable phenomenas, religious beliefs and local legends in order to grant viewers with a true grasp of the truth behind spirits and other worlds.

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