This is not your average haunted house… it’s literally a walk through one of your most horrific nightmares; the type of nightmare you’re glad you’ve awoken from.

Located somewhere in San Diego, California, McKamey Manor is the most extreme, interactive haunted house on the planet, and that’s putting it lightly. It’s also one of the few year round haunted houses in America. Grown men and those seeking extreme thrills have yet to make it through the entire ordeal, some even leaving in tears.

Russ McKamey is the evil genius behind the scariest haunted house in the world who, along with his best friend and business partner Carol Schultz, began scaring the living crap out of people about 14 years ago. Would you enter a haunted house, free of charge that involved signing a waiver?

Despite all of the freaky fetishes and outlandish haunted theatrics, the house is absolutely free– believe it or not. All that McKamey asks of its visitors is that they make a donation to their greyhound rescue organization.

Russ McKamey

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Here are a few requirements you must pass to even be able to enter:

1. 21 and above only (proof of age).
2. Doctors letter stating you are physically and mentally cleared to participate in MM/Chamber.
3. A background check provided by MM.
4. You have to be screened via Skype with Russ.
5. Proof of medical insurance.
6. Sign a detailed 10 page waiver.
5. You must pass a portable drug test prior to the show. That will be administered on site.

Only two people go in at a time — and get this… it can last anywhere from 4 – 8 hours.

The theme constantly changes, so each tour is different for every person. According to Russ, “there are four different locations, which have been streamlined for hardcore fans, determined to make it through.I consider the people who take part in these haunts as my friends because I research and spend time with them before they go on the haunt.”

Not only is it the scariest haunted house, but it’s also one of the most disturbing. You have to sign a 10-page waiver agreeing to force-feeding, ice water dunking, head shaving, gagging and bondage, to list a few.

scariest haunted house

The craziest part is that the haunted house is actually free (no kidding) and the only cost of admission is either four cans of dog food or a bag of dog food for McKamey’s greyhound rescue organization. Clever.

Their hiatus shouldn’t be long thanks to a fan who offered McKamey Manor her 10,000-square-foot commercial warehouse, and fan donation money. McKamey Manor will be relocating to McLeansboro, Illinois, where it is set to re-open sometime in fall 2016. They are actually still located somewhere in Southern California.

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