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Top 6 Reasons To See Krampus

Within the past decade, Krampus (a malevolent version of Saint Nick who punishes and steals naughty children) has recently become a popular figure in Western media. The Eastern European legend has appeared in some TV episodes and a couple low budget features. His most prominent appearances (so far) include: ‘Twelve Days of Krampus’ (Grimm), ‘Minstrel Krampus’ (American Dad) and ‘A Krampus Carol’ (The League). Now, he’ll be appearing in a feature by director/writer Michael Doughtery’s of the same name. Krampus is about two dysfunctional families getting together for the holidays, and their deplorably ungrateful behavior causes a young boy to lose his faith in Christmas altogether. This summons Krampus, and he’s not going away empty-handed. Now, with all the hype and press surrounding it what makes it worthwhile to watch?

6. The Mastermind Behind Trick r Treat

Director and co-writer of Krampus Michael Dougherty also directed and wrote the cult classic Trick R Treat. A horror anthology that transpires during Halloween night and intertwines five haunting stories. Despite the film being unprofitable it was well received by critics and audience goers. In fact, its positive response was so strong it culminated a sequel (which is currently in development). Dougherty’s also one of the writers behind X-Men 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse.

5. Practical Effects are Best

In a world where CGI effects have been overused to the point where we can tell what looks real and fake. It’s refreshing to know that Krampus utilized practical effects. Richard Taylor of WETA (special effects and prop company) dished that about 80% of this movie’s effects were accomplished with puppets. I personally prefer traditional effects over CGI because I think the latter has become too depended upon. Despite computer visuals having advanced in the past twenty-thirty years they’re still fairly new. CGI hasn’t reached a point where it can replicate authentic images as well as traditional effects have.

4. Takes Place in the Same Universe as Trick R Treat?

Trick r Treat fans be on the outlook for some references during the showing of Krampus. Doughtery alluded that during some point in the movie there’ll be subtle hints that both of these movies occur in the same universe.

3. Krampus Isn’t Like Any Other Horror Movie Antagonist

Doughtery has divulged that the film’s titular character isn’t similar to other iconic horror baddies such as Jason, Freddie or Leatherface. In the film, he’ll be portrayed as a trickster who relishes every wicked deed he’ll unleash upon the two families. Doughtery also hinted during a USA Today interview that Krampus shouldn’t be ultimately defined as insidious, as his motives and personality are far more intricate than what the trailer lets on.

Just don’t call him evil. “He’s more complex and nuanced than that.”

2. The Film Genuinely Appears Creepy and Frightening

You gotta admit that something as innocent as Christmas being mixed in with something as malevolent as Krampus is exceptionally unsettling and horrifying. Especially with images of Krampus stalking the family, children screaming as they’re being dragged and a razor-toothed teddy bear. Judging by the trailer alone the film’s heavily atmospheric. During its light-hearted Christmas moments decorations and iridescent colors are eating the scenery. Then when it takes a turn for the worse there’s protruding darkness, flickering lights and scary visuals. It’s a contrasting, but weirdly satisfying transition.

1. A Holiday/Horror Classic in the Making

While this assessment is premature I honestly believe this could be another horror/holiday classic. One of the film’s lead actors Adam Scott likened this to Gremlins. A family horror-comedy that takes place during the Christmas season was about a peculiar species of cuddly creatures who transform into intimidating homicidal monsters after eating food pass midnight. This film has become known as a Christmas/horror classic that’s still watched by children and adults today. Michael Doughtery’s Trick r Treat also sets standards for Krampus. Seeing as how the film’s cultivated a dedicated following and has been praised for its scare factor, story and emulating past Halloween films. I don’t mean to jinx this film, but it has many promising aspects.

Ultimately, what makes Krampus worthwhile to see? Personally, it’s the creative premise, talented cast and crew, and the fact unlike some horror films released in the past decade this one seems different. There appears to be more focus on its story, characters (specifically Krampus), and ambiance. Despite it being less than one month from its December 4 release there’s already hype surrounding the flick. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint viewers’ expectations. Now, the question is are you ready for the arrival of Krampus?

Source: Mara Mullikin


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