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Boo! These National Parks are Haunted

It’s Halloween season – the perfect time to take a road trip to a spooky national park for some frightful fun and witness a supernatural phenomenon. The experience is only enhanced by the fog drifting out of valleys, leafless trees in the forests and chill air that are typical of the fall. Luckily for the adventurer in you, you can combine a camping trip in the wilderness with an unnerving thrill that you will remember forever. The U.S. is home to several national parks where multiple guests, at different times, have reported eerie events.

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The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is magnificent during the day, but there’s something spooky about the isolated Arizona outback at night when it gets so quiet. Rumors that the park is full of ghosts have been circling around for years. The most famous is the one about “the Wandering Woman” who searches for her family and died in a hiking accident in the 1920s. There are also reports of another ghost who haunts Phantom Ranch, where he was buried after he was crushed by a bolder. Also, Arizona is right next door to Nevada and Area 51 – you’re guaranteed to see some spooky occurrences.

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Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is one of the most visited national parks in the country. Be careful if you’re going to the Ahwahnee Hotel, which is reportedly haunted by former operator Mary Curry Tresidder. Guests and staff say they have seen Mary floating up and down the halls, making sure everything is in order. There is also the “Crying Boy” from 1857. The legend is that he had drowned in Grouse Lake several years earlier and now calls out to people in hopes of alluring them into the lake. And watch out when you visit any of the park’s stunning waterfalls. The Miwok Indians believe they are haunted by an evil wind called Po-ho-no, which draws people to the edge and pushes them off.

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Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

If you are looking for a truly spooky experience you should check out what is called “the most haunted natural wonder in the world.” Cavern tours are offered by lantern light for extra ambiance. Keep an eye out for any weird shadows, as the cave was used as a burial ground for local aboriginal tribes and cave explorers. The most famous one is the ghost of Stephen Bishop, a slave and explorer who is buried nearby. There was also a tuberculosis hospital in the 1800s, which is why some people say they hear coughs.

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Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The park has North America’s tallest sand dunes. It’s the height of these dunes that make them the perfect place for some UFO sightings, and many have been reported, over 60 since 2000. The area made national headlines in the 1970s with a rash of cattle mutilations, which seem to continue. There is a UFO Watchtower where you can look to the sky for strange lights.

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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone has many ghost stories, but the most famous tale is that of a headless bride who walks down the stairs from the Crow’s Nest in the Old Faithful Inn. Avoid room number 2, if possible, as another woman ghost has appeared to visitors floating at the foot of the bed. Many other strange things have been reported at the Old Faithful Inn, including a fire extinguisher spinning on its own in the hallway.

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Acadia National Park, Maine

The woods in Maine can be a scary place. The Compass Harbor Nature Trail in Bar Harbor, for example, was once a trail walked by wealthy mansion owner, George Dorr, who died there when he was walking with his caretaker. It is he who supposedly continues to watch from the woods. Another haunted place is the Coach Stop Inn. Witnesses say the lights flicker, unexplained children’s voices are heard, objects have been moved, and doors will lock on guests….



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