Bonnie Morgan (Rings)

Getty Images/Vertigo Entertainment

When Hollywood adapted Hideo Nakata’s Ringu for western audiences, they swapped out Japan for the States and changed the name of the movie’s obligatory creepy dead girl from Sadako to Samara. A young Daveigh Chase (who also grew up to be gorgeous) played Samara in 2002’s The Ring and appeared in 2005’s The Ring Two via archive footage, but the majorly creepy stuff in the sequel was done by contortionist Bonnie Morgan.

The studio initially intended to use special effects for some key Samara scenes, but the stunt coordinator was a friend of Morgan’s and suggested they use her instead. “[They] contacted me to see if I could create an iconic movement from my contortionist background that would look really special and really different,” Morgan told Bloody Disgusting. “Real is always more scary. The spider walk originated on my living room floor, and we shot some footage of it, and the director could not have been more excited with the result.”

The work Morgan did on The Ring Two led to her getting the part full-time when an unexpected sequel was green-lit years later. A decade had passed since the last movie, and Morgan had almost given up any hope of reprising the role of Samara, but she was back at her bendy best in 2017’s Rings. The redhead told Daily Dead that she’d be up for a fourth installment.



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