MS clown sightings prompt lockdown, armed search party

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We’ve seen the reports out of South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin, and other states, but the nightmarish-trend could now be in the Mid-South.

A Coahoma County School went on lockdown Wednesday due to rumors of a clown sighting after parents were discussing seeing a clown.

The school’s resource officer made the decision to put the school on lockdown; Coahoma County Sheriff’s Office said they have not spotted any clowns and did not recommend the lockdown.

Coahoma County deputies are not actively investigating any signs of a clown.

Across the state in Yalobusha County, residents said a clown was definitively found.

“There was a guy standing over there by the bushes,” Clale Handerson said.

Handerson said the man the man was six feet tall, 200 pounds, and wearing a clown mask–he was spotted on rural Central Road in Water Valley on Saturday night.

“Orange on the side and a sharp tooth face. Like ‘It,'” Handerson said of the mask the man wore.

Handerson said the man stood between a light post and trees where the glow shining on his mask was all he could see.

“I chased him up the road and back behind the neighbor’s house,” he said.

The man then took off and kept running into the woods, deep enough where neighbors who took to the streets with their guns were unable to locate the clown.

Water Valley police searched the area, but could not find any evidence of a clown suit or suspicious person near the woods. They haven’t had any other sightings since.

Kimberly Compton said the clown ran through her daughter’s backyard.

“My grandson was so upset, he said he couldn’t come back to Nana’s until they caught the clown. It’s heartbreaking,” Compton said.

The incident has the entire neighborhood shaken.

“I really fully believe they are targeting children,” Compton said. “I don’t know what’s going on, but no, I do not think this was a prank.”

The ‘creepy clown’ trend started in Greenville, South Carolina, where people reported seeing a clown trying to lure children into the woods in August. Residents in an apartment complex received a letter from the management warning them about the sightings.

Some of the clown sightings have been called pranks, while others seem more malicious, or just plain eerie.

“If you’re pulling a prank, you’re in the South, people have guns and they will use them. That’s not funny at all,” Compton said.

Most recently, a child in Tennessee was reportedly attacked by a clown with a knife.

The Oxford Eagle talked to a beloved clown in Oxford who said the sightings are hurting the reputations of the people who love to bring joy by clowning around.

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