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Christine’s Back…In 3D?!

Christine Comes Alive Again – This Time In 3D

What we have right here is a cool tribute to one of the freakiest cult classics out there, Christine. The movie centers around a car that had feelings, and those feelings end up being quite destructive. This video is a 3D animation of the 1958 Plymouth Fury in the exact color and condition of the one in the movie. This is a screen test and it looks like they have a winner here. Check it out the quick four minutes this video has to offer. It’s worth it.

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Who The Hell Is Christine?

John Carpenter brings Stephen King’s best-selling novel to life in this chilling thriller. She was born in Detroit … on an automobile assembly line. But she is no ordinary automobile. Deep within her chassis lives an unholy presence. She is CHRISTINE – a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury whose unique standard equipment includes an evil, indestructible vengeance that will destroy anyone in her way. She seduces 17-year-old Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon), who becomes consumed with passion for her sleek, rounded chrome-laden body. She demands his complete and unquestioned devotion and when outsiders seek to interfere, they become the victims of Christine’s horrifying wrath.

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