Bedtime Stories

The Creature in the Bushes

I live in a small rural town in Kansas that is very still at night. And on the quiet summer nights, I make it a point to take a nightly walk with my dog. And this particular evening in June was no exception.

It was dusk, and most of the light was gone as my dog and I entered the yard. I noticed a rustling by the bushes where we buried a beloved pet. I assumed it was a cat or some sort of rodent. But as I scanned the row of bushes I saw a large humanoid creature with wolf-like features.

It was hunched over the pet’s grave.

Chills ran down my spine and I was frozen where I stood. It turned its head and looked me straight in the eye and every hair on my body stood straight up. Within seconds it ran on on two feet as it remained slightly hunched over.

I have never seen whatever it was since.

But I’ve never again felt completely at ease at night.

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