A Visit From A Mechanical Demon

Visit from the Mechanical Monster

I was 19 years old living in Downey, Nebraska, when one night something scary happened to me. The year was 1984, and this happened right before Halloween.

My parents had flown out to California that morning and were coming back in two days time. They were going to pay a visit to some old friends, so I was left alone in the house. They called me when they arrived to check on me and the house. Our house was located a mile out of town in a secluded area of rolling hills where other homes were scattered here and there.

I’m an only child and I was used to being on my own. My parents didn’t worry about me. I remember it was around 9:00 p.m. I was feeling tired and decided to go to bed. I started reading a book, something that would always put me to sleep quickly. Soon I was getting drowsy, so I put the book away and turned off the light.

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I don’t remember how long I’d been asleep when I was awakened by a sound coming from outside. My bedroom window faced the front yard. I raised myself up and parted the curtains, just enough to see who was out there. Then I heard the front door swing open. I was scared — no, I was terrified! Thoughts of me not locking the front door raced through my mind.

I slid back and covered myself completely with my blankets. I heard a sound coming down the hallway toward my bedroom. This was weird. It sounded like some kind of a machine. I heard swirling noises, humming, bleeps, pops, like it was rewinding. That’s the closest I can describe it.

My bedroom door opened and those sounds became louder. It was in my room!

I didn’t make a move. I lay there paralyzed with fear. It came right up to me. The sounds were on the other side of the blankets. I felt something poking my leg. Let me tell you, right there and then I thought I was going to scream, but I couldn’t. I was frozen; I couldn’t function. Then it left the room, went back down the hallway, and out the front door, closing the front door.

I stayed in that lying position for another hour or so because I wasn’t sure if it was over. I listened, but I heard nothing. Then the phone rang, which made my heart jump. The phone was in the living room and I let it keep ringing until it stopped because I was still frightened. It started ringing again. This time I got up and with some effort made my way to the living room and answered it.

It was my mother. Call it intuition, but she knew something had happened. I was so relieved to hear her voice, I started crying. I told her what happened, which made her so upset she started to cry. They cut their visit short and booked the next available flight home. In the meantime, my mother called one of our neighbors and had them come pick me up and stay with them until she and my father got home.

I’ve never been so scared in my life than I was that night. It was like R2D2 had paid me a visit.

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Was it a dream? Was it some vivid material from his imagination? Was it real? Whatever it was, this THING introduced this kid…

Into The Dimension Of FEAR


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