FOOTAGE: Murder Basements

The Toy Box Killer’s Hundred Thousand Dollar Lair

Like Leonard Lake, David Parker Ray (or The Toy Box Killer) built a $100,000 torture chamber in the middle of nowhere where he videotaped his exploits. In 2001 he was finally sentenced to 224 years in prison.

Josef Fritzl’s Home Away From Home

Josef Fritzl's Home Away from Home

Josef Fritzl will never win a father of the year award, and though he never technically murdered anyone in his basemen, this Austrian monster locked his daughter in a cellar for nearly two decades. During the time he had her locked up, Fritzl raped his daughter repeatedly and fathered multiple children with her, all while he rented out the room above his chamber of horrors.

The Philadelphia Basement of Horrors

Linda Ann Weston, from Philadelphia, would confine mentally disabled people in the basement of her apartment building, force them into prostitution, and steal their social security benefits. During the initial stage of the investigation, one woman was found chained to the building’s boiler.

John Wayne Gacy’s Crawlspace

John Wayne Gacy is one of the most famous serial killers in American history. However, one of the goriest details in his story was the crawlspace beneath his house, where he kept 28 of his 33 victims. How bad do you think his neighborhood smelled?

Gary M. Heidnik’s Philly Basement

Gary M. Heidnik's Philly Basement

Gary Heidnik was a real creep who, despite spending years in a mental institution was able to buy a house in the North Philly area, where he kept five women captive. One of the women, Sandra Lindsay, starved to death while chained to a wall. After her death she was dismembered by Heidnik in front of one of the other women.

Gay Love Triangle Ends in a Louisville Basement

Gay Love Triangle Ends in a Louisville Basement

What began as a love triangle between three men ended with a bizarre murder that was only supposed to be a robbery. Jeffrey Mundt and Joseph Banis allegedly used GBH to drug their victim, before killing him and burying him in a plastic tub in a Lewisville basement. They then escaped to a nearby hotel. They were quickly caught after the doorman of the hotel decided that they were way too suspicious.

Would You Rent Maury Travis’s St. Loius Home?

In 2014, a woman in St. Louis discovered that the house she was renting sat above a basement that was once the site of a gruesome torture chamber where Maury Travis tied his victims to a pole before dispatching with their bodies. To make things worse, the woman couldn’t get out of her lease because the landlord (Travis’s mother!) didn’t see what the big deal was.

William Caruth’s Hole in the Basement

After being reported missing, police found the body of Andrea Caruth in a hole dug into the closet of a basement in her father’s apartment. According to the police, Andrea’s father murdered her after having a dispute about their finances.

Peter Tobin’s Scottish Cellar

Peter Tobin's Scottish Cellar

Peter Tobin was a serial killer who had a strict rule about his wife not going into the basement, even though she often complained of a terrible smell. It was determined that even though Tobin buried the bodies of his victims in various areas around Scotland, he did most of “his work” on the victims in the basement.

Anthony Sowell’s Smelly Basement

In Cleveland, OH police recovered the remains of 11 women from the basement of duplex where Anthony Sowell allegedly lured his victims with the promise of free drugs and alcohol before strangling them to death. According to News One, Sowell’s neighbors had been complaining about a rotting smell for months before he was apprehended.

Salvatore Perrone’s Disgusting Practice Shed

In 2016 Salvatore Perrone went on trial for the murders of three Middle Eastern shopkeepers in the New York area. An NYPD detective described Perrone’s basement as looking like a “garage sale” – except probably with more loose shotgun shells.

Woody Alfred Wood Jr.’s Wife’s Final Resting Place

Woody Alfred Wood Jr.'s Wife's Final Resting Place

In April 2016, Woody Alfred Wood Jr. was arrested when police went by his house looking for his missing wife. They found her buried in the basement.



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