GALLERY: The Devil Made Me Do It!

People Who Blamed Their Crimes on the Devil

If there’s one thing that can be depended on to scare the bejeezus out of just about anyone, it’s Satan worship. Every few years, another round of SATANIC PANIC takes hold of housewives and youth groups, letting their minds run amok with defilements made in the name of the Prince of Darkness. When people pledge allegiance to the big red guy, they’re capable of pretty much anything. Or at least they think they are. Mostly they’re capable of drawing crudely rendered pentagrams and listening to heavy metal. While many satanic crimes actually turn out to be horribly overblown, there are some that are so grisly that they really give the whole pagan thing a bad name. These are some of the worst crimes ever perpetrated in the name of the devil.

We’re totally sure that your cousin Peggy who babysat you all the way through grade school, and who also happens to worship Baphomet “every once in a while” is a really nice girl, but just by judging her from the people on this list, you should watch your back. You never know when she’s going to try to make a goblet out of your skull thanks to a demonic possession.

When it comes to devil worship and possession, things can get very messy very fast; it’s hard to tell someone that they weren’t possessed when they totally believe they wore. And who are we to say that an evil deity didn’t come to you in your sleep and tell you to sacrifice all the children in your village? In any case, each possessed killer on this list blamed their crimes on the devil, not that that helped them get away with the acts.

Whether or not the people on this list were telling the truth about whatever caused them to commit their crimes doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they all committed some truly heinous crimes, supposedly because the devil told them to.

Number One: Exposed Brick Is Very Hot Right Now

Exposed Brick Is Very Hot Right Now

In northern Bangladesh, unidentified owners of a brickfield were displeased because their bricks weren’t as red as they’d like them to be – a common complaint we’re sure. A fortune teller was brought in (not a good sign) and he advised the owners to sacrifice a human to ensure the desired color. The owners of the brickfield passed the instructions on to their workers, and a 26-year-old bricklayer was beheaded, his head was burned in a kiln. The police have never found the brickfield owners, but their bricks have turned a rosy shade of red. 

Source: News Info


Number Two: We Would Have Asked For Extra Kibble

We Would Have Asked for Extra Kibble

In 1976, the people of New York City were terrorized by a serial killer known as the “Son of Sam.” For more than a year, the killer led police on a wild goose chase, leaving behind taunting notes at the crime scenes. After he was apprehended, David Berkowitz confessed to all of the shootings and claimed that he was commanded to kill by a demon who had possessed his neighbor’s dog.

Source: NY Daily News

Number Three: The Curious Case of Sister Margaret Ann

Sister Margaret Ann was one day short of her 72nd birthday when she was strangled and then stabbed between 27 and 32 times. Nine of those stab wounds were in the shape of an inverted cross. The priest who led her parish, Fr. Robinson was a suspect from the start – a factor that did not prevent him from officiating at Sister Margaret Ann’s funeral. The case was cold for 20 years before an unidentified woman came forward and alleged Robinson had sexually assaulted her, and forced her to participate in Satanic rituals like being placed in a coffin crawling with cockroaches, being forced to eat a human eyeball and being penetrated with a snake to consecrate her orifices to Satan.


Number Four: In His Ponytail Lies His Power

In His Ponytail Lies His Power

In the ’70s, The Fall Rivers Cult was lead by Carl Drew, a pimp who used Satanism to terrify the prostitutes who worked for him. He claimed to be the son of Satan himself and demanded that his orders be followed without question. Between 1979 and 1980, Drew held several rituals in the woods that involved human sacrifices. In all he murdered three women, one of whom had her head kicked off by Drew. Yikes. The Cult was finally rounded up with most of the members receiving a life sentence.

Source: South Coast Today

Number Five: NSFW, Seriously

NSFW, Seriously

Moises Meraz-Espinoza strangled his mother, Amelia, and then mutilated her lifeless body before skinning her, removing her organs, and cutting the body into pieces with a circular saw. Slices of skin and flesh were later found stacked in a freezer. Amelia’s head, which was found in a backpack, received some special treatment. All of her teeth were plucked out, her eyes were removed, and two upside-down crosses were carved into the bone. Moreover, the date of Amelia’s horrid death matched a day of human or animal sacrifice in the Satanic calendar.

Source: Huffington Post



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