Number Eight: Miami Naked Zombie Cannibal Attack

Miami Naked Zombie Cannibal Attack

  1. On May 26th, 2012, 31 year-old Rudy Eugene ripped off his clothes and began attacking a homeless man who didn’t even look that delicious in broad daylight in Miami, FL. He began by tearing away at the homeless man’s face with his teeth. Apparently Eugene was on the drug commonly known as “Bath Salts,” which in recent years, has caused some of the most uniquely insane and bizarre crimes to hit the news.

    The victim, Ronald Poppo (age 65), was just an innocent person in the way of Eugene’s Bath Salts-filled rage.

    Bath salts are described as synthetic cocaine which, according to doctors, feels like Meth, Cocaine, and PCP combined. The drug is said to cause body temperature to rise to such a degree that people rip off their clothes and become extremely aggressive, most of the time in a stage of “extreme delirium.” People have been known to use their jaws for violence and “become extremely strong.”

    When the surveillance footage of the attack was released, it showed Eugene jumping onto the homeless man, who was sleeping at the time, stripping him of his own clothes (as Eugene was already naked), then starting to eat the homeless man’s face off.

    One of the most disturbing things about the attack is not only how long it took (about 20 minutes of this kind of torture), a car slowed down to look at what they were seeing then drove off and probably, understandably, started boarding up their windows and conserving ammo for the on-coming zombie apocalypse.

    A media frenzy followed during which a lot of popular websites took the opportunity to declare the zombie apocalypse, even though this clearly proves that we can definitely handle it when it comes.

    These gruesome pictures which you really, really should not look at if you have a weak stomach or while eating or at all if you hate even the slightest amount of blood show that Eugene ate the man’s face off all the way down to his beard. The man’s face, nose, one eye, forehead, and mouth are missing.

    Poppo unfortunately lived throughout this entire ordeal and was still living in the hospital as of June 2014.

    Check out more details about the “Miami Zombie” here and here.



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