Number Seven: Rapper Big Lurch Does PCP, Eats Friend

On April 9th of 2002, rapper Big Lurch, aka Antron Singleton, and his friend, Thomas Moore, spent the night smoking PCP, which they blame for Big Lurch’s actions during the next 24 hours.

Big Lurch had been using PCP for the pain caused by years-before car accident in which he was hit by a drunk driver. But this one night, the medication really just got away from him. According to interviews, the last thing he remembers is that he had to kill the Devil before the world ended. This is most likely what led to his episode.

Big Lurch murdered his roommate, Tynisha Ysais, and consumed parts of her body. Tooth marks were found on her face and lungs, which were completely torn from her chest cavity.

When Singleton was finally arrested, he was naked, covered in blood, and standing in the middle of the street yelling at the sky.

After he was arrested and was sentenced to life in prison. he was found to have human flesh in his stomach.

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