Number Six: Cannibal Kills 19 People with His Mom

Currently residing in a psychiatric hospital, Alexander Spesivtsev killed up to 80 people (but was only convicted of 19) and ate a good majority of them. Unsurprisingly, he’s been declared insane and is thankfully behind government-secured doors in Russia (pro tip: never try the street meat).

He was initially discovered and caught when his pipes started malfunctioning in his house. A pipe breakage forced his neighbors to call a plumber, who had to open his door by force when Spesivtsev wasn’t home.

The plumber found a mutilated, headless body in the bathtub, bowls with pieces of human meat in them in the kitchen, and a mutilated Olga Galtseva somehow still alive on the sofa. She died shortly after, but was able to tell her story.

The creepiest part is that Spesivtsev’s mother was luring the women into the apartment for him to rape, beat, kill, and eat.

The mother, of course, cooked the bodies for dinner after a hard day of living out The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was sentenced to death after being found guilty of 19 murders.




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