Number Fifteen: Cannibal Strangler Ate So Many His Pipes Were Clogged

Joachim Kroll ate so many people in Germany that when he was caught, entrails were found in his waste-pipes.

The man was mentally retarded and a beloved member of a small community in Northeast Germany. The children even knew him as “Uncle Joachim” because of all the candy and toys he had in his apartment. He was said to have actually believed that these children were his real nieces and nephews.

One day, a neighbor was told not to use his upstairs toilet in a very nonchalant manner, “because it is blocked up with guts.” And since this was a shared toilet, the man looked into repairing the toilet.

The remains of a young girl who’d recently gone missing were found. Uncle Joachim was arrested and then was discovered to have had pieces of children in his refrigerator. The child, Marion, was a big fan of Kroll’s candy collection. His victims were always sexually assaulted either pre- or postmortem, and were always partially eaten.

Kroll killed 14 young women and firmly believed that young children had the best tasting human meat.




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