Number Fourteen: Murderer Released, Eats Friend, Tries Eating Many Others

British man Peter Bryan had a craving for human flesh unparalleled to most on this list. Some are compulsions, some are fueled by hallucinations, but Peter Bryan’s cannibalism made him an absolute animal.

After being arrested for killing a woman with a hammer, Bryan was put into a low-support accommodation facility after his social worker recommended him on good behavior (spoilers: worst decision ever).

First thing he did was go over to his friend Brian Cherry’s house with a hammer. It took 24 hits to the head with a hammer to kill Cherry. Peter Bryan was in the kitchen with blood all over him when a friend of Cherry’s came in to find Peter Bryan saying simply, “Brian is dead.”

Brian Cherry had been dismembered and left on the floor. Much like a lot of these guys, Peter Bryan, the cannibal, stayed in the house and relaxed while police came to the scene.

When they showed up, he was cooking up Brian Cherry’s brain in a frying pan next to a tub of Clover butter. Brain tissue was found with hair and scalp on a plate nearby with a knife and fork.

A lot of these guys are very serene when they’re apprehended, which just goes to show how deep of a dementia these guys suffer from, and that people like this should probably not go unsupervised. Ever.

After being arrested for this crime, Peter Bryan spent time around other people in another mental health facility, when he began beating a man to death while tying a ligature to his neck. If he hadn’t been stopped, Bryan said, he would have eaten that man as well.

When allowed to speak on why he had such a hunger for other people he would say “I want their souls.”

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