Number Twelve: Deformed Man Kills Young Girls, Drinks Blood, Sent Bone Powder to Families

In what is one of the most heartless, horrible crimes ever to have been performed, Tsutomu Miyazaki, known as “The Otaku Murderer” (Otaku, meaning a “love of anime and general Japanese culture,” but in this case, just someone obsessed with young girls) or “The Little Girl Murderer,” or “Dracula,” killed four little girls between the ages of four and seven.

He drank their blood and had sex with their dead bodies. The man’s premature birth left him with deformed hands, which were fused directly to his wrists. This supposedly led him to live in a world of fantasy and comic books, which somehow then led to him turning to child pornography for thrills.

Miyazaki was influenced by the Guinea Pig series of horror films, one of which was used to model one of his murders.

Much like Albert Fish, he would send letters to his victims’ families, often detailing exactly what he did to them, and often included the burned ashes of the children’s bones.

Here’s how he was finally caught: While he was trying to sexually assault a young girl with a zoom lens, he was caught by her father, who went to town on the guy until Miyazaki ran away.

Miyazaki eventually returned for his car, which he had misparked, and was caught by police. His father committed suicide, and Miyazaki was hanged in June of 2008.

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