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VIDEO: The REAL Cannibal Holocaust (WARNING, VERY GRAPHIC) - Page 11 of 17 - They Come 4 U


Number Eleven: Metal-Toothed Man Kills Women, Serves Their Meat At Parties

This guy not only killed seven women, but Nikolai Dzhumagaliev served the meat to his friends as well-cooked ethnic cuisine, at parties he would throw.

Yes, that’s right, this guy had FRIENDS. He also lives in Kazakhstan. His friends didn’t know they were eating “long pig.”

Dzhumagaliev prided himself on trying to rid the world of prostitutes – a convenient ulterior motive for cannibals.

He also had his teeth replaced with metal fangs, which makes this guy the closest thing to a Bond villain I have ever even heard about in real life.

He was eventually caught when some drunk friends of his found a human head and intestines inside his fridge. So word to the wise: Always raid your friends’ fridges. It’s for justice.

After 10 years of rehabilitation, Dzhumagaliev was released and, according to this Cracked list, is still at large.

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