Number Ten: Husband, Father Keeps Fridge of Horrors in His Home

Matej Curko was not a good person. He had a wife and kids, sure, but he also managed to not only become a cannibal, but he used the Internet to lure in his victims. This happened in Slovakia, though, which is most likely why Chris Hansen never caught him.

Over the Internet, Curko would trick his victims into meeting with him. Then he would somehow (as some people on this list inexplicably do) convince them to a suicide and cannibalism pact – or he would just kidnap them, kill them, and then eat them.

He kept an extensive “Fridge of Horrors” that included the bodies of two women who had disappeared the previous year.

During a sting operation that was (sadly) not televised, an agent was made to meet up with him for some suicide and food. When Curko pulled out a gun and started shooting at officers, the worst snipers in the world shot him five times and he still lived.

He was apprehended, but died later that day in the hospital.

He was later linked to the disappearance of 30 Italian women.

His wife, who is inexplicably cute, stood by him and denied his crimes up to the very end (at which point she still denied them).




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