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VIDEO: 2,800-Year-Old Nokia From... - They Come 4 U

VIDEO: 2,800-Year-Old Nokia From…

Did Aliens Leave Behind This 2,800-Year-Old Nokia?

Looks like E.T. forgot his phone.

Researchers (or should we say “researchers”) are claiming they have dug up what looks like a 2,800-year-old Mesopotamian clay tablet cell phone, reportedly found in the Austrian town of Fuschl am See. (Judging by the picture quality, the photos were also taken on a 2,800-year-old cell phone.)

According to the oh-so reputable mysteriousuniverse.org, not much is known about what archaeologists were looking for when they came across this piece of not-so-terrestrial history, but it probably wasn’t clay Sumerian tablets from the 13th century BCE.

How did a cuneiform tablet make its way to modern-day Austria, you ask? After all, Mesopotamia never expanded north or west of modern-day Turkey (allegedly). Well, the theory proposes that aliens created Sumerian civilization, then left the artifact behind after a failed attempt to introduce people to the great communicative powers of cellular phones.

Sadly, like Damascus steel, the technology to make functioning clay cell phones is still not known.

Source: Popular Mechanics

On a side note, we’re still understanding the technology and tools that were used to precisely laser cut and shape the mysterious ancient thousand to million year-old stones below, which (admitted by scientists, archeologists and engineers alike) is impossible for modern day technology and tools today…

Courtesy: heritagedaily.com

Courtesy: therobotsvoice.com

However we must understand this is just an “ancient” phone. Just sayin’


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