Baby Monitor Horror

Their Toddler Said That Someone Talks To Her At Night. What Her Parents Discovered Is Horrifying

With your child in another room at night, a baby monitor is supposed to be a device to keep your child safe. However, the opposite has been reported by one family, who heard a strange man’s voice coming from the monitor.

Father Marc Gilbert stated, ‘It felt like someone broke into our house’ when he discovered that he and his wife were not the only ones communicating with their baby. A stranger had been using the device to broadcast disturbing messages.

YouTube/ABC News

Immediately unplugging the baby monitor, Gilbert believes that someone hacked into his router and then the camera of the monitor. With the hacker seeing the child’s name ‘Allyson’ printed above her bed, this voice was relaying unsettling messages directly to the Gilbert’s daughter.

Still shaken up from the event, Marc Gilbert is still reluctant to use a baby monitor again. However, Marc is not alone as more families have come forward with reports that they have also had their baby monitors hacked.

YouTube/ABC News

Security experts have said that without taking proper precautions that baby monitors can expose rather than protect your child.

Baby monitors that run on a channel are more susceptible to being compromised but Wi-Fi based monitors also have risks.

Using a strong Wi-Fi password is an important precaution to guarantee that you are not letting strangers into your device.


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