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Haunts & Jaunts: So my house is still haunted

Ok, so my house is still haunted

It is 2016, and the paranormal continues its mysterious journey. When it happens to someone else, that is one thing. When it becomes personal, however, then that’s a different story….

I have written in the past about my deceased mother’s house in southern Kentucky. It is now my house, and I fully intend to retire there a few years from now. But there are those “issues”…

During the last three years of my mother’s life she was bedridden. My sister-in-law became her full-time caregiver. Throughout, she reported paranormal activity in the house, with it ramping up in the last few months of my mother’s life. It seemed to fade away after her passing, but apparently it only retreated into the shadows. It’s back!

My wife and I have let a friend and her 15 year old son stay in the house for a few months until her apartment in Jamestown is available in the late spring. We only require that she pay the utilities for that time. We also warned her that it might be a tad haunted. That was ok with her…she has watched the ghost shows. Presently, however, she is not a happy camper….

Recently while watching TV in the front room she heard scuffling from one of the back bedrooms. The bed in this room makes a very distinct sound when the mattress is depressed. And there it was! Jennifer, being no one’s fool, called her aunts to come over. They worked up enough courage to fling open the door to the bedroom and found the sheets and blankets on the bed in complete disarray. They quickly remade the bed, turned out the light and retreated back into the sanctuary of the living room: and proposed a few prayers.

My wife Laura and I have noticed some of these strange quirks during our weekends there…the very same things that Jennifer is presently experiencing: footsteps, doors opening, door knobs giggling, lights being turned on, a feeling of uneasiness and of being watched. And it seems to be of an intelligent and physical nature.

In the fall my cell phone was found hanging by its strap on a doorknob. I didn’t do that. Opening doors, turning doorknobs, messing up beds – that’s a physical thing! Maybe ‘it’s’ just confused as to the proprietors of the house? It could very well be. And…maybe we just need to go down and have a firm talk, and kick a little spirit butt in the process? I can do this!

Sounds like a plan.

Looks like they’re gonna have to call The Ghostbusters



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