5 REAL Horror Stories BANNED From This

5 Real-Life Horror Stories “Conveniently” Deleted from Your History Books

Do you think you can take horror, friend? Do you think you’ve seen all there is to see because you’ve whipped your eyeballs with the Amityville Horrors and Human Centipedes on Netflix? Well, think again. There is one terror that contains every other dread the human species is able to imagine, neatly rolled into a giant mass of festering, spider-legged fear: history itself.

Yes, as we’ve told you before, human history can — and constantly does — produce stories that are far more creepy and gruesome than any horror-movie hellbeast or latex-mask-sporting serial killer could ever aspire to be … because all of these stories are absolutely real. The following is not for the faint of heart, and we’re not just saying that because we know it will make you want to read it more.

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You know the names: John. Robert. Ted. Joseph. In its heyday, the Kennedy family was basically American royalty: the vast political power they held, the legacy they left, and the juicy relationship rumors that surrounded them were enough to put even the most dedicated Kardashian to shame.

A big part of their charm was the all-American, happy facade they were able to maintain. You’ve probably seen photos of their many joyous family gatherings, like this one:

Yeah, about that last picture. Do you see that pretty, young woman on the right? That’s Rosemary Kennedy, the eldest sister of the Kennedy clan. What, the name doesn’t ring a bell? That’s because three years after that photograph was taken, her father, Joseph, did something uniquely cruel to her, even by politician standards.

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. was notorious for having sky-high ambitions for his children, but Rosemary proved a problem for him due to her relatively low IQ scores and rebellious attitude during puberty. These symptoms are generally known in medical circles as “being a goddamn teenager,” but Joseph saw them as potential for failure, especially as his daughter continued to suffer from mood swings and assertive behavior in her 20s. So Joseph decided to repair the immediate problem rather than repair himself as a freaking father.

What we’re saying is that he straight-up lobotomized a daughter, without even bothering to mention it to his wife until afterward.

To put that sentence in its deserved context, let’s do a little play-by-play: In the autumn of 1941, the 23-year-old Rosemary Kennedy was taken away from her comfortable, rich life. She was thrown into a hospital, where doctors drilled a hole in her head and cut into her brain with a tool “like a butter knife”. Imagine yourself just going about your day when suddenly burly men take you away and strap you to an operating table for modern-day mad scientists to stab you in the brain until you can’t recite the Lord’s Prayer anymore (that’s what Rosemary actually had to do during the operation). Then, imagine that just before you pass out, you find out that this was the order of your own father and no one else will know until it’s too late.

Rosemary, whom historians agree probably suffered from some mental ailment, though it definitely wasn’t debilitating, was awake throughout the operation, which, of course, failed in a manner most spectacular. She was reduced to a borderline vegetative state, unable to speak or control her bowels, and with the intelligence level of a 2-year-old. She spent the rest of her life in institutions, far away from the public eye, especially when her brother John became a viable presidential candidate.

You know, because when you’re running for president, the last thing you need the world to know is that your dad crippled your sister’s brain because he thought she couldn’t do as well as you.

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