5 Most Cleithrophobia Horror Films

5 Most Cleithrophobic Horror Movie Scenes!

What is your greatest fears? One of our biggest fears is claustrophobia, which is the fear of being trapped or locked in an enclosed space, thereby causing restricted movement. Those who suffer from it think it’s usually claustrophobic, but this is a much more distinct fear. They can handle small spaces like elevators and small rooms, but when the space is so small that they’re unable to move their arms freely, a panic attack occurs. Sometimes, even watching someone trapped in an enclosed space causes the heart to race and head to spin. The films on the following list are scenes that have actually caused some of us to turn away from the screen. 

The Descent – Stuck Between a Rock and….Another Rock

The scene where Sarah gets stuck in the extremely narrow tunnel before the cave-in is one of the most traumatizing scenes for anyone who doesn’t like small spaces. Her arms are unable to move and she begins to panic, which is exactly what I would do in this situation.

Thir13en Ghosts/Saw V – Wall Splat

These two take the same spot on this list because they’re basically the same scene, though Saw V took it to a much gorier route when Scott Patterson get’s crushed between two glass walls. The idea of walls closing in on you, knowing there is nothing you can do to prevent your imminent death, is absolutely terrifying.

Buried – The Whole Damn Thing

If you have cleithrophobia, don’t watch Buried. The whole movie takes place inside a coffin. To make matters worse, there is a scene where a snake gets in there with him, so if you happened to catch Buried in theaters and have cleithrophobia and ophidiophobia, you probably didn’t have the best experience.

liens – Bishop In the Tunnel

This scene isn’t particularly memorable, but there’s something about the way Cameron frames the shot of Bishop crawling through the piping conduit (for hundreds of meters)

So do any of you also suffer from cleithrophobia? What are some movie scenes that had you sweating bullets? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook!

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